Arrived back home in Dallas.  Literally have not been on my couch for two whole glorious weeks.  While I was away I observed and learned a lot.  Basically you can’t spend any time in Georgia (The Promised Land) and not leave unchanged.  Here’s ten things I learned:
10. 850 miles (one way) is way too long for anyone to drive. ever.   But dang does Ford make a good truck.
9.  Our dog is a princess/drama queen and requires 24 hour attention or she will let out bone chilling howls until she gets it. (And she always gets attention)
8.  Coach Newton and Coach Nielsen bring truth to the statement “gray hair does in fact imply wisdom” and sometimes the things you hate the most are actually the things you need.  Turns out you actually need your hamstrings for the Olympic lifts.
Roger-Nielson-275x300 imgres-150x150
7.  There is literally nothing worth stopping for between Dallas and Birmingham.  A day is certainly wasted on this hwy 20 ride. (Yep Zac Brown reference)
6.  The Dawgs should have been in the Sugar Bowl.
Florida Gators vs. Louisville Cardinals 2013               hi-res-158857449_crop_exact
5.  I know I’m getting older and potentially wiser because I’d rather spend New Years Eve with an 11 month old in Atlanta suburbia than with a bunch of 21 year olds in Athens.
4.  Raise ’em young.
image-2 photo-5
3. Being around the house the week your sister in law gets married does in fact make you appreciate the fact  that you’ve been there, done that, and don’t have to do it again. (Although I wouldn’t mind kissing my bride from the altar one more time)
2.  The North Georgia mountains are by far the prettiest part of the world.  My dog even says so…
1.  Being around family for two weeks, as much of a blessing it was, reminds me why in Genesis 2 God commanded us to LEAVE and cleave to one another.