Yes I know I programmed on Christmas. If you at all love your kids or family then do this tomorrow and take it as a rest day today. On the other hand, if they have all crashed from a sugar coma then by all means… go for it. There is only a conditioning piece today. For two reasons. First, it’s a deloading week before we hit it hard next week AND yall maxed Monday so the lighter lifts in the conditioning piece will serve as good recovery for that.
Word of advice. I know this workout is goofy and fun and normally done wearing a santa hat HOWEVER it is still a workout that will take longer than most. Don’t allow this workout to defeat you. You determine when you rest and work. Control the workout. Move at a pace that you can hold for the entirety. Be efficient in how you move the barbell and perform the skills. Don’t allow slop to creep into your movement. Enjoy
Conditioning:n12 Days Of Christmas: Deep Style: Yep I did it.nComplete the following ascending down the ladder in the following way: (Just like the song)n1 Snatch, then 2 MU, 1 Squat Clean, then 3 Clean, 2 MU, 1 Snatch, etc
1 Power Snatch (185/115)n2 MUn3 Power Clean (185/115)n4 Toes To Barn5 HSPUn6 Front Squat (185/115)n7 Burpee Box Over Jumps (24/20)n8 Double KB Push Press (53/35)n9 Pistols E/L Alternatingn10 Calorie Airdyne/Rown11 C2B Pullupsn12 Triple Unders