At Power and Grace we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date evidenced-based nutrition guidelines to athletes in order to optimize performance. In a world of nutrition misinformation, our goal is to translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions. Whether your goal is to optimize performance, lose weight, gain weight, or adopt a healthier lifestyle, we encourage you to join our nutrition program to meet these goals. We don’t support or prescribe fad diets, but encourage individuals to choose a healthy lifestyle focusing on quality of foods and balance of nutrients.


Power and Grace Elite 1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Elite 1:1 Nutrition Coaching subscriptions full! Check back for more openings!

Personalized nutrition guide with recommended macros, calories and hydration based on training schedule and personal goals with 1:1 unlimited coaching and support from Power and Grace registered dietitians

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3-Month Elite Nutrition 1:1 Coaching

  • Work 1:1 with a registered dietitian for 3 months
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide with macros, calories and hydration based on your anthropometrics, training program and personal goals.
  • Nutrition guide for different training days and times with specific recommendations based on training type, load and personal goals.
  • Macro, calorie and hydration guide for rest/recovery days.
  • Easy to build meals using Power and Grace Meal Builder to help meet your macros.
  • Guidance for competitions, training cycles and changes to schedules.
  • Access to Members Only Power and Grace Nutrition Facebook Page.
  • Save $50 by Purchasing 3-Months!

Power and Grace Personalized Nutrition Guides

Personalized nutrition guide with recommended macros, calories and hydration based on training schedule and personal goals. No 1:1 coaching with this guide, for individualized coaching please refer to the Power and Grace Elite plan.

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Power and Grace Nutrition Competition Guides

Detailed macro guide for competition day based on gender and weight. Includes guidelines and nutrition recommendations for workouts based on substrate utilization during workouts of varying duration.

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Power and Grace Performance Gym Nutrition Challenges

Six week gym challenge focusing on the basics of nutrition and athletic performance. Each member will receive a personalized macro guide based on weight, gender, and goals to follow throughout the challenge.

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Power and Grace Performance Gym Nutrition Challenges

To get started, ePartner with Power and Grace Performance and Nutrition to have a successful, fun and rewarding nutrition challenge at your gym!

Each participant will receive:

  • Personalized macro and calorie guide from Power and Grace Nutrition based on personal data, training schedule and goals.
  • List of suggested foods to meet their macros.
  • Access to Power and Grace Performance coaches and dietitians through private facebook page during nutrition challenge.
  • Discount on individualized coaching with Power and Grace Nutrition after challenge is completed.

Each gym will receive:

  • Instructions for running nutrition challenge in collaboration with Power and Grace Performance.
  • Suggested challenge layout, scoring and weekly challenges.
  • Virtual content to post in a private gym challenge facebook page created by Power and Grace Performance coaches and dietitians to keep challenge going.

For More Information, Contact Our Nutritionist

Disclaimer: Power and Grace Nutrition is run by two Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Our plans are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a physician or other qualified healthcare professionals.