Strength:nA) CJ to max in 12 min (allow for 2 misses at 90% or above) then 75/2*3 sets, rest 90 sec betweenn* complete the drop down doubles touch and gonB) Backsquat: Find 3RM in 10 min
Skill:nA) EMOM x 6 min: 6 HSPU + 10 Toes To Barn* use deficit on HSPU if possible to maintain
Conditioning:nAMRAP in 30 min:n30 Cal Airdynen50m Farmer Carry (53/35)n10 Burpees AFAPnRest 1 min walkingn10 Hang Power Clean (185/115)n12 Ring Dipsn15 GHD SitupsnRest 1 min walkingn75 m sled drag (250/125)n15 HR Pushupsn30 Jumping Lunges (15 e/l)nRest 1 min walkingn