I know that it’s likely you are all kinds of beat up and struggling to persevere. Next week has much lighter loads and will give you a chance to recover a bit before the final week 4. You can make it.
Strength:nA) Snatch to max in 12 min (on miss 2 you are done)nB) Then complete the following: Hang Snatch: 80/2*2 sets, rest 60 secnC) CJ to max in 12 min (on miss 2 you are done)nD) Then complete the following: Power Clean + Clean + Jerk: 80/1+1+1*2 sets, rest 90 secnE) Find 3RM FS in 10 min
Skill and Conditioning:n4 Rounds with 2 min time cap:n400m sprint + ME HSPU in remaining time, rest 4 min