Happy St. Patrick’s day everybody!!!
As promised, today is the beginning of the videos addressing the Muscle-Up! There will be much more to come but with that being said, please ask any and all questions and I will do my best to answer them throughout this week. Today’s video is straight forward with what I am looking for. We will break it down more while addressing all of the different positions I see. I will cover the false grip compared to the open-handed grip and the benefits/negatives of both with how I see it. I hope this helps!

Skill: 10 minutes of muscle up practice. Do not progress with the MU until each position is executed correctly in a consistent manner. If your H/A positions are correct, work on elevating your body in a complete hollow position. If this is also accomplished, work on the aggressive transition…..note: This is not an amrap!
Be safe tonight!
Coach Poppa