How efficient can we be with the burpees?!
As everyone thought it would, 14.5= thrusters and burpees. I know you have heard these things before with the burpee but I have to stress the importance of certain positions can help you reach the last set of 3 in a more timely fashion. If you watched the throw down last night, then I shouldn’t have to say too much about the different burpees in regards to efficiency. Rich showed everyone what needs to be done. There wasn’t any energy wasted from his first rep to his last. Everyone else had little stutter steps or extra movement that wasn’t needed. BELIEVE ME, I understand how hard it is to hold an efficient burpee technique once you are in the red. I also know that if you don’t, you will be working against yourself. Make a goal to get through each set with consistent technique. With that being said, make every set a goal and take it one at a time. Stay relaxed and move smoothly.
Key points with burpees
-Keep tension in your stomach to add extra spring while snapping up
-Keep your feet under your hips so you can jump forward when ready
-Avoid stagger steps if possible
-Keep elbows tucked in (vertical forearm) to help prevent shoulder fatigue
-Pace, pace, pace

One more to go,
Coach Poppa