As most of you have seen by now event 2 at regionals will be a max effort HS walk. While the majority of you are not training for regionals, those that are, if you need any help please reach out to me via email – For those who are in the off season, now is the time to start training these skills because as our sport progresses, we will see them more often and this type of work will be the standard.

For proper handstand positioning, please go back and visit:

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While working with athletes one thing I have noticed is how uncomfortable people are keeping their weight over the top of their shoulders, which is crucial in a handstand walk. I understand how this can be scary, as it feels like you could topple over at any time. Here is a drill simply to help you gain confidence keeping the weight out over your shoulders.

The hands are going to be further from the wall than a standard handstand hold. We need to allow room for the shoulders to lean forward. If you are afraid you might fall, place an ab mat under your head for security. The first step to this drill is simply to get your hands on the ground and place your shoulders against the wall, engaging that lean. Don’t try to pick up your feet if this is extremely uncomfortable. There is a lot of value in simply rocking back and forth. The next step would be leaning out far enough to allow your feet to come up off the weight plates. Don’t jump – the lift comes from the lean. The final goal is to pull yourself all the way up into a handstand position. This is going to take not only strength in your shoulders and being comfortable in your lean, but also a bit of flexibility in a straddle position. If you are struggling with the flexibility side, sitting in a straddle and trying to pull your legs out slowly, working on that flexibility is a must. Remember, when performing this drill the goal is not necessarily the handstand. It is getting yourself comfortable with your weight out in front of and on top of your shoulders.

Since we can never have too many drills to enforce the hollow/arch, here is another one:

Make sure the foam roller is just at the top of the thighs and the other is just below the wrists. Lay down in between the foam rollers and slowly push yourself into a nice hollow position.

Skill work: 10 minute HS press progression work

Im a BIG fan of the regionals wods!

Coach Poppa