Decided to travel out to Fort Worth today to do a little training with Dutch Lowy at Black Box FW. Ended up doing snatch triples from the floor with the group. 3 reps felt like I was doing a Crossfit workout. Seriously never again.
Hit 105kg for three and missed the third rep going for 110. I missed because of technical failure. Just wasn’t patient enough to hold strong through the first pull. This is a nasty habit of mine when the weight gets heavy or when I get tired. I get impatient and my technique goes out the window.
Got a little perspective in this area today training next to Caleb Ward. Watching him hit his triples at 130kg was inspiring. What we all noticed watching Caleb that as the weight got heavier or his legs got tired his technique got better. His third rep was always his cleanest looking rep. Gave us all a little perspective. Power will only carry you so far. When the weight gets heavy or your body gets tired, taking a second to refocus on weaknesses and technical proficiency always pays off.
Training watching Caleb lift was incredibly refreshing and taught us all a lot. Here’s his last set at 130kg.