nJust left the venue at Rockwall ISD’s training facility after watching the All Cities Open put on by Crossfit Dallas Central. CFDC did not let us down again with an awesome competition. Incredible performances from some incredible athletes. Two of my favorite people standing on the podium, a three part swim final event, and a pretty sweet venue highlighted the day for me. Our own Josh Mahon came out of nowhere (literally a last minute addition this week) to get second place. Crossfit Central’s Ingrid Kantola took the top spot for the women. nA little background on these athletes:
Ingrid lifts everyday. Snatches, Clean and Jerks or both daily. Explosive track athlete from UCLA. Competed in the Outlaw Open AND the American Open last weekend. Bottomline: she lifts ALOT and has a background in athletics.
In the same vein, Josh has not done any conditioning in the last 14 weeks. Literally all he has done in the last 3 months is snatch, clean and jerk, and squat. He has also gained 30 pounds of muscle…a fact that I am slightly envious of. Josh was a high school soccer athlete, college track athlete, and also did half ironman triathlons for kicks and giggles. Bottomline: Josh lifts ALOT and has a background in sports.
Both stood on the podium today in competition against a ton of stud competitors.
My point: Olympic weightlifters are good at everything and basically invincible and unbeatable. Kidding. But really, top competitors in Crossfit and most sports in general are good Olympic lifters. You can’t be good at Crossfit without being good at Olympic lifting. Period. Good Crossfitters know this and work on it…daily.