All that can be said about the seminar yesterday is they are full of guts. We started with heavy barbells and finished the day with heavy barbells. 5 different snatch workouts followed by a squat workout. These guys have guts to consistently go after the barbell time and time again. They understand the reality that if you never go for it you’ll never succeed. Below are two videos of remarkable risk followed by great reward. The truth of the matter is that if you never chase big weights you’ll never make big weights. This is why the best lifters in the world are always lifting heavy, maximal weights. They lift heavy to remind the bar they’re boss and remind their central nervous system, adrenals, and their mind that they’re capable. Day two down and I expect some sore hamstrings, tight hips, and shot shoulders. Day three is clean and jerk and max out day. Lets see what kind of guts they have left.
nMaggie Owen 195# backsquat for 3 on her 10TH SET!
Vic Amuso 225# Snatch from the power position