Last year at the American Open in Palm Springs, there was a record number of lifters at 280 (I think) lifters.  This year for the American Open in Dallas has totaled to 460 lifters!  This is a record high for USA Weightlifting.  As I have said previously and will continue to say.  Thank You Crossfit!  There are kids at age 8 who know what a snatch and clean and jerk are because of the exposure Crossfit has brought to them.  Parents are lifting in their garages while their kids mimic them.  Middle and High school boys and girls are walking into weight rooms wanting to learn the clean and jerk not the dumbbell butterfly press.  Exposure is everything for the growth of our sport and Crossfit has been monumental in their exposure of it.
However, with the benefit of increased exposure comes increased participants.  That means that at a meet of the caliber of the American Open we are going to need a HUGE volunteer staff to run this event.  USAW has seen nothing of this scale before and it’s the volunteers that make events like this run smoothly.  There will be a lot of lifters who this is possibly their second meet EVER to compete in.  A lot Crossfit based athletes who are about to get their feet wet in the sport of weightlifting at this meet.  It is critical that this event run smoothly both for the continual growth of the sport AND so these lifters who are new to the sport have a great first experience.  We need your help.  If you know what a snatch is we can use you.
It’s going to be nothing short of a miracle to pull of a meet of this size as it is.  With a short-staffed volunteer pool it will be impossible.  Luckily USAW has made it incredibly easy to volunteer.  Click the link below, fill out the required information and we will be contacting you shortly.
This event can’t happen without a large volunteer staff.  With a large volunteer staff this could be the best event USA Weightlifting has ever seen!  Help us out if you are planning to make the trip.
Volunteer Signup