13.3 released.  150 wall balls as a buy-in.  We will all get to find out this weekend whether or not we’ve been squatting the right way.  The wall ball is a very simple auxiliary of the front squat.  The back angle, ankle dorsiflexion, and glut activation should all be the same.  Basically, if you front squat well and you’re strong in the front squat then wall balls should be not problem.  The classic example is lifter with a 400# front squat.  Somehow I don’t see him struggling with a 20# ball.  However, if his torso angle and recruitment of the glut is completely different then we have a movement transfer problem.  This is why it is of the upmost importance that our front squat, back squat, clean and overhead squat all look the same because they will carryover to the thruster or wall ball.  If your front squat looks more like a front rack good morning then the strength gained in the squat is not going to transfer over.
Check these two pictures out: (yes I couldn’t resist using the little kid)
JVCFKIds    VS           Oly-Squat

What you will notice is the similarity in the torso angle and the active glutes.  If you have been squatting well then those squats should translate right into a wall ball.  This is a huge reminder to squat well.  A proper squat, done well has a transferability that is completely invaluable.  Squat poorly and you are wasting your time.  This weekend every gym across the country will see 500# front squatters struggle with a 20 lb ball.  These are the guys that need to look back at how they front squat and whether or not all that squatting has any transferability to anything else.