Next weekend I will be spending some time at the beach and the plan is to run a series on Coach’s Eye Analysis.  I want to show how this 4 dollar app has completely changed how I coach and how you can use it as well.  The capability for precision coaching that this app gives coaches is hugely practical.  Below is a video I made today of Jason Hoggan’s 225 snatch attempt from the Sweat RX Competition.  Also, below is the video that started it all.  The Snatch Broad Jump Video.
If you have a video of a lift that is interesting or wild then I would love to take a look at it.  I will be putting up 6-7 days of these videos.  Potentially 2-3 videos a day.  Send me those videos to if  you have something that would be fun to look at.
Jason Hoggan Sweat RX Competition Snatch
The Original Snatch Broad Jump