As of this week I am four weeks out from the Arnold’s. Not surprisingly being a month out from major competition always seems to reign my focus in. My diet becomes more consistent and clean. I spend more effort working on recovery and rest. I spend a little more time in the gym working through warmup sets and focusing on the technical perfection.
The question that bothers me is: Why is it that it takes a major competition to create this kind of intense focus? What would my lifts, training, and recovery look like if I gave my training this kind of focus day in and day out? That question should be one that I could answer easily if I would just make all these aspects of my training a priority.
When I look at elite level successful athletes this consistent focus is just a way of life for them. They don’t just think about “getting it done” in their training or sacrifice their recovery for anything. Their focus on their body’s and training is precise. There’s something to learn from the athlete who hits the gym, the ice, the foam roller, and the bed at the same time every day. Their routine and lifestyle allows for the type of consistent focus which creates results.
The next four weeks will likely imitate this type of focus. The key is my ability to sustain that type of focus year-round.