Incredible start to the Dallas Outlaw camp tonight. The all-time camp records were smashed by Marc Coppola of CrossFit Overtake.  I literally had to pick my jaw off the floor as he snatched 290 and clean and jerk 375 both of which look like they had more left in them.
Snatch 290
CJ 375
On that note, Sarabeth Phillips snatched an easy 165 and smoked a PR 214 pound clean and jerk (yes she counted the clips because 213 wasn’t good enough).
214 cJ
As I told the campers before we left for the evening, this is a camp that is by far the strongest of any we have attended. Literally, there were 16 people who snatched 200 pounds or more and 18 people who clean and jerked 250 pounds or more. This is by far the strongest camp we have had the pleasure of working with. That means two things: (1) the gymnastics portion is going to be extremely hard for them and (2) despite their strength they still have a long way to go technically.
The camp is extremely strong but leave something to be desired when it comes to technique. What that means for them and for us is that by the end of this camp we could see the potential for much greater numbers than what we saw performed tonight. That is jaw-dropping. Great couple days ahead…
Finally reunited…