Robin Goad (then Byrd)

To say that our USAW Level 2 seminar is a rare exception to the normal levels 2 would be a massive understatement. We have 3 of the country’s top coaches in Harvey Newton, John Garhammer, and John Coffee. Attending our level 2 seminar is Robin Goad (once Bird) one of our country’s longest competing weightlifters and member of the inaugural women’s Olympic weightlifting team in Sydney Australia. Yep I got to ask her questions, critique one of her lifts (most nervous I’ve been in a long time), and just chill with her. In my world, because of all the stories and myths I’ve heard about her, that was like meeting Lebron James. Incredible so far.
Also, since I began lifting in Georgia a little over 12 years I have always heard of and known about Coffee’s Gym. However, I have never been there or lifted there. Today, we got to lift in his new facility AND help coach his current stock of lifters. Cool moment for me.
I am going to take some time on Sunday and detail the top 5 things we learned over the weekend to publish on Monday but here’s a couple gems from today.
When we were talking about coaching philosophy and principles of coaching we talked about the requirements of a coach for his athletes and how he must be a chameleon with the ability to change from one personality type to another. I took this to heart as I would say the authoritarian aspect of my coaching is where I live for 99% of my time in the gym. Unfortunately, good coaches also need to know how to be both sympathetic and casual when the athlete or situation calls for it. The best quote from our discussion on coaching come straight from the course manual, “Most successful coaches have developed a love and commitment to the sport that in weightlifting , almost borders on obsession.” I would say I likely fall into the obsession category though I am still working on the successful part.
We talked a little bit about the biomechanical advantages to certain style of lifting and certain body types/body makeups. The amount of information I pulled from this covered my notes. I will save most of that for Sunday but as a precursor check out the video link below and be sure to pause the clip when the bar is at the top of the knee. You will likely notice a distinct similarity in style at that point… regardless of the starting position. Also, pause the video when both lifters are at the top of their second pull. You should also notice a similarity in ankle extension… despite the thought out there that ankle extension is a waste of time.
Interesting stuff.
A Comparison of Two 150kg Snatch Attempts