VS World Weightlifting Championships 2010

(Triple Extension on both… just saying)

Here are three videos of three different girls coached 3 different ways.  Check out their differences and yet they all move pretty decent amounts of weight and are pretty efficient.
Elisabeth Akinwale
What you will notice with EA is the flat-footed pull.  This is a Pendlay/McCauley trick to create speed in the third pull.  Also you’ll see a little change in the back angle as she starts with a lower hip start.
Caitlin Vodopia
With Caitlin you see a consistent back angle through the first pull.  However you also see her shoulders move back with the bar as you pulls.  What is also pretty noticeable is the layback/Arch angel pull at the  end of the second pull.  This is a Rudy Nielsen habit that has made it into Caitlin’s PR here.
Lindsay Marshall
What you are going to notice with Lindsay is a pretty consistent back angle, extreme extension of the ankle, knee, and hip to create bar speed, and a third pull that keeps her very close to the barbell.  What you will also notice is a some pretty off kilter footwork in the landing which comes as a result of her coach (me) focusing so much on her first and second pull that I often don’t catch her footwork.
The point of showing these three lifters is simple.  Different strokes work for different folks.  Who’s to say anyone is wrong… the results speak for themselves.