Group Prayer
For those of you who have not checked out the Faith RX’d training camp coming up, this is a reminder to take a look if you’re in the Charlotte area. We are doing a training camp at CrossFit Eternal in Charlotte, North Carolina the weekend of February 21-23. After the success of our training camp in Austin, we couldn’t wait to put on another date for y’all.
Our training camps are a combination of two different types of coaching. Firstly, the CrossFit coaches and athletes that will be in attendance make this an exceptional opportunity to become a better coach, athlete, and box owner. Development of your craft as a coach is high on the list for motivation behind these training camps. We will be teaching a weightlifting section, a perfection of gymnastics movement section, as well as an understanding of and practical application for monostructural movement, such as rowing and running. Other than myself; Becky Conzelman, Josh Elmore, Graham Holmberg, and Michelle Crawford will all be helping to lead the sections.
The other aspect of the training, aside from the physical development, is our focus on spiritual development. The theme for the weekend is “Iron Sharpens Iron”, and our desire is that those who attend the camp would leave feeling encouraged and empowered to leverage their position in their gym for the good of the Gospel and the glory of God. We will spend three different teaching times talking about this to the end ,and also will have breakout sessions divided to talk about specific challenges of doing it in your gym. For me, this aspect of the training campus is extremely valuable. Standing firm for Christ inside of a CrossFit gym is one of the greater challenges in my life. With so much there to distract me from the Lord, I can’t wait to spend time focused on how to celebrate the Lord at my gym.
If you have the weekend open and can make it to Charlotte, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss. Specifically, the addition of athletes like Graham and Michelle make this a special camp altogether. Don’t miss out. Here’s the link to sign up.
Oh, and we have added a joint training session for all the coaches to train with the attendees, and I can’t wait for that!
Faith RX’d training camp Charlotte