One of the most fascinating parts of big lifts for me is watching a simultaneous movement of joints. I love watching really good snatchers who hit the bottom of the overhead squat with their elbows locked out at the same time that their feet make full contact with the floor. It’s fascinating to me to watch elbow snap place and feet hit the floor all at once.
I also really like watching the jerk to see how smooth and simultaneous lifters can be with their lockout overhead. Some of my favorite jerks in history happen when the front foot makes contact with the floor at the exact same time of the elbow’s lockout overhead. This simultaneous connection of the body to the bar and the body to the floor is one of the more beautiful parts of the lifts for me to watch. You can really see how proficient, experienced and seasoned a lifter is based on how synchronized these parts of the movement are.
I often try to mimic the timing and prowess that the world’s top lifters show specifically in the movement of their feet and hands.
Watch these lifters.
Pyrros may be one of the best at this timing in the snatch.  Check this out especially watch him in comparison to his competition from a timing standpoint: Pyrros 1995
When it comes to the jerk I find few who are as simultaneous and almost effortless in their jerk than Naim.  His cleans (at record limits) seem to look tough but his jerks are so technically perfect it’s a thing of beauty to watch the efficiency.  Naim 1988
From a clean standpoint most recently I have seen few with the timing and efficiency of Illya.  He meets the bar at the bottom of the squat and bears load on his feet with exact precision.  This allows him to spring out of the bottom with crazy speed.  I’m a big fan of his clean.  If he could ever figure out how to fix his recovery on the jerk, I’d be a fan of his jerk as well.  Illya Ilin: 230 CJ