One of my greatest struggles in the clean has always been to keep my heels down long enough to let me get to a good power position. I do a lot of power cleans as a result of this problem to try and focus on keeping my heels down until the bar gets to the hips and jumping my shoulders tall after the back makes it to the correct power position. I tend to over-rotate (because I didn’t keep my heels down) and send my shoulder and body back away from the bar. Especially when the weight is heavy.
Below is a video of a PR Power Clean. 136.5 kg and much of the hardwork and focus on those heels pays off here.
PR Power Clean and Jerk
Also I am honored to be taking over the programming for Outlaw Barbell. I’m calling it the Arnold Method. Can’t wait to give Outlaw followers some legit programming to follow JUST FOR WEIGHTLIFTING. Next week we will be adding a facet to the site that is designed just for athletes who want to compete in Olympic weightlifting only. There will be included in the program a three-week taper template in case you have a local or national meet coming up. I can’t wait to see how everyone handles the new level of volume. Official write up on that coming soon.nhttp://outlawway.wpengine.com/2013/07/16/130717/

On a sidenote, the start list came out for Nationals. This is going to be one heck of a show I think.