Yesterday, Chance led Deep Barbell off in the 85kg B Session. This is Chance’s first National meet. I remember my first National meet to be one of the most nerve-racking, scatter-brained meets of my life. Everything changed for me with being on a National stage versus a local meet. I expected a bit of the same emotional response from Chance, yet he handled the pressure and situation with great poise. Chance had to peak really hard and hit some pretty monstrous numbers at his last minute qualifier. Getting him back into the routine of training and letting his body rest enough was a very hard line to draw. Ultimately, it was not all that unlike the situation where US Olympians have to peak hard for the trials then try to rest, recover, and repeat it at the Olympics. It’s very hard to do.
Chance overcame much of that adversity totaling 199kg with a 87kg Snatch and a 112kg CJ. He made both of these on his opening attempts and would miss his other attempts. This was a HUGE learning experience for Chance and a good motivator.
Next up today we have Connor Felstead in the 69kg A session. He lifts at 4:30pm Mountain Time. Be sure to watch him chase the medal stand on the live feed.
Live Feed
Chance 87kg SnatchnChance 112kg Snatch