final wod
Post-Regionals and in preparation for the Southwest Regionals this weekend one of the things I learned the most is how important routine is.  I have always known the importance of routine when it comes to weightlifting competition.  However, the principles and preferences I have about routine I saw put to use this weekend in Crossfit.
Just as an example, in the week leading up to a competition I go through my warmup routine for the snatch every day and rest 30 minutes then I do the same for the clean and jerk.  I even do this the day before I compete.  It helps engrain the routine into my mind and allows my body to remember the routine like clockwork.  Furthermore, since I began competing regularly I have always had specific things I drink and eat before, during, and after lifting.  I have stuck to these foods and drinks for years.  The routine is both comforting and over the years I have refined it be the most effective for my results.
jeff jason db snatch
Last weekend, I saw some athletes with very specific warmups, foods, and routines they used.  I saw them warmup the same way everytime and cool-down the same way everytime.  I saw them eating the same foods in between workouts and recovering the same way after workouts.  A great example is Matt Hathcock, one of my athletes for the upcoming weekend’s Regional, knows that between workouts he will always eat a banana, protein shake, and peanut butter.  Has done this for multiple competitions and seen great results.  His routine works for him and thus it makes sense for him to stick to it regardless of the competition or the workouts.  Regularity is your friend in competition preparation and sustainability.
You can find a routine by trying out different foods, warmups, and even specific music in your training and see what works best.  I would not suggest trying new routines during important competitions.  You should have that figured out by that point.  However, trying out different things in training will only give you a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t as your prepare for competition.  Each routine will be individualized so be sure to test them out before putting them into consistent practice.
On a sidenote and speaking of routine.  It is routine for me to enjoy a medium rare, expensive steak after competition.  After the craziness of this weekend I certainly felt that desire.  Luckily, on my way back from San Antonio I had to pass right through Belton, TX.  My buddy John Robison who owns Crossfit 254 has the hookup with Miller’s Smokehouse right there in town.  He hooked me up with 9 of the best ribeyes I have eaten to date.  That literally is not an exaggeration.  I have NEVER eaten a better steak.  I wanted to say thanks to John and commend all of you to Miller Smokehouse if you ever find yourself passing through Belton.