Our gym hosted 13.2 tonight in conjunction with CFDC and CF214.  Over 100 people in multiple heats completed the workout.  In my mind that was a HUGE opportunity to get eyes on some really good athletes and learn a little something about the workout.  This is a huge advantage to completing the workout on Friday with other gyms.  We get to see each other work and we get to learn from each other.
Tonight I got to watch people attack and complete 13.2 with all kinds of different strategies.  I got to see what worked and what didn’t.  Furthermore, I got to learn more about this workout then I ever could if only I completed it.  That being said, our team now has that knowledge moving forward.  There is ALWAYS something to be learned from watching others workout or lift.  The question is will we learn from it and change accordingly or will we remain stubborn?
Knowledge is power and a lot of knowledge is gained from watching other competitors and teammates complete the same workout.  Lifters watch each other lift and Crossfitters watch each other compete.  We all gain some form of knowledge watching others.  The key is to not be so stubborn in our ways that we don’t apply that knowledge to our own training.  I remember the first time I watched Chad Vaughn warmup for a simple, everyday training session.  He completed every warmup and every rep with the same intentional focus and attention as if it were a PR.  I was young and I learned something from watching him.  Still today, I try to warmup and complete the early reps like its my last reps.
Its important to watch others.  To never think of yourself or your training system so highly that you negate the merits of others.  Watch your competition, watch your teammates, and learn from them.  THEN take the knowledge and put it to work where it is applicable.  Learn from one another and move forward with that knowledge.