Short post tonight, just some simple truth.
Proverbs 18:24 tells us the value of good friendship.  If there’s one thing that being home and being around lifelong friends does for me and Megan, it reminds us of just how valuable they are. Like training partners but for life, good friends are there to challenge, encourage, laugh with, cry with, and walk with.  Today’s been a day full of that reminder.
Tonight’s post is pretty simple. We are not designed or created for solitude. Human beings are relational beings created by the relational God for relationship.  Take a second if you think about it to be thankful for those specific friends and families who have always surrounded you and have always been there to support you. They are God’s gift. They have seen you at your worst and seen you at your best, and yet are still there.  Be thankful, Megan and I sure find ourselves thankful tonight.