Great meet yesterday put on by Bobby Sirkis, Tom Witherspoon, and the Spoon Barbell club.  5 sessions with over 80 lifters and it went off without a hitch.  For those of you who are unaware this meet happens every year at the historic Van Alstyne Convention and Fine Arts center.  AKA- Tom’s barn.  However, I looked around today and at one point either competing or spectating were 2 Olympians, 2 Olympic alternates, multiple World Team members, and multiple National Record holders.  Lifting in a barn… awesome is the least that can be said.  Here are some video highlights from today that my wife managed to catch:
(I will be breaking some of these down for future posts.)
Barry Durham 69kg Snatch
Jason Riggins 105kg Snatch
Jason Riggins 110kg Snatch
Jason Riggins 145kg CJ
Spencer Arnold 123kg Snatch
Spencer Arnold 150kg CJ