I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Jason for three years since Megan and I moved to Dallas. Jason has been the most loyal training partner I could ask for, an excellent coach who is always asking for the best of our athletes and program, and most importantly a trustworthy friend. When Megan and I uprooted everything we knew and moved 800 miles away we were both in search of friends we could build our lives and community around. When we met Jason and Elizabeth we knew they were the quality of people we wanted to spend time with. These two enrich our lives weekly and we hope we do the same for theirs. We could not have been more blessed than to have friends like these guys.
Yesterday Jason and Elizabeth tied the knot and I couldn’t be more happy and excited for the two of them. These two are quality people who deserve each other and will continue to enrich the lives of others even more so as a married couple. Congrats you two and thanks for letting Megan and I be a part of your special day and your lives moving forward.