New Orleans is an interesting city.  I feel like if a city could be diagnosed with ADD then NOLA would have a lifetime supply of adderall.  However, Crossfit NOLA 504 is another story.  10,000 s/f of wood beams and architecture.  This place has more character than any gym I have ever been in.  Can’t wait to spend the next couple of days getting to train in and play with all the toys.
As per usual, our first day was a 2 hour lifting session working to max effort attempts and new PR’s.  Tonight was no different.  Here are a few of the snatches that impressed me.
Snatch Compilation NOLA 504
Also, here is a picture from tonight of one of the most beautiful bottom positions I have ever seen.  Vertical torso, engaged glutes, and incredible ankle flexion.  Jealousy is a good word to use here.

Lastly, our Deep Competition team for the Pre-Open AMRAP competition took first place.  Looking good heading into competition season.