10 minute AMRAP @ 75% of:
12 calorie Assault Bike
12 calorie Row
(30-seconds Rest)
3×10 empty BB OHS
3×10 empty BB z-press

5 sets of 5 strict pullups with following tempo
**3 sec. lowering + 3 sec. hold in bottom + pull up fast + 6 sec. hold at top
**Stay hollow and yes rep starts and stops at top of bar

2 rounds For time:
50 Cal Row
35 OHS (95,65)
20 Handstand Push ups
Rest 6 minutes between rounds

400m sled drag w/ 3/4 bodyweight
*straps over shoulder
**any stop of momentum equals 8 jumping air squats on the spot (jump and pull knees to chest on each jump)

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