For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on with Crossfit worldwide then you probably haven’t noticed Oxana Slivenko. Oxana competed in the Opens and gained some popularity because of her background in the Olympic lifts.
Oxana got the silver medal in the 69kg weight class in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She would have had a medal in 2012 if not for “injury.” That being said she used the Opens as part of her training in this past year.
No big deal, that training gained her a first place in the most recent European World Champioships! You catch that! She did Crossfit and still managed to he successful on the world stage. I’m not making a definitive assertion just a statement. Assume what you’d like with that.

On another note. we started day 1 of the camp at Real Fitness Sarasota. We thought because of the amount of coaches and owners in the room that we would see more analytical minds that athleticism. We were wrong they had both. We saw a lot of 225+/155+ snatches today. I am excited to see what they clean and jerk today.
Olly Goddard 255# Snatch
Laura Shatz 175# Snatch
Chris Poppa 240# Snatch