I know that likely most of you are still in a coma from the massive amounts of Christmas food and candy you consumed yesterday and/or are attempting to take down all the 500 million ornaments that somehow fit onto your 4 foot tall tree while wondering how in the world you are going to fit a workout in today when you have all these new gadgets to test out and gift cards to spend on bumper plates and barbells. I am in that position right now. Minus the ornament takedown… I hate Christmas ornaments and thus don’t help put them up and will never take them down… bad childhood experience.
Due to all those reasons I don’t have anything especially nerdy or outlandishly convincing to say today. I do however have a video I want all of you to see. This is a hang snatch PR from one of my clients. Not only is this a PR, it’s 5# heavier than her all-time best snatch from the ground!
Watch this video and two things should immediately come to mind.
1- That’s what happens when a snatch is done perfectly. It looks effortless.n2- She needs to work on getting the bar off the floor right because clearly she knows what to do once it gets to her knee.
April D 160# Hang Snatch + Commentary