Every coach has those weeks where he struggles to appreciate his lifters and appreciate the effort and hard work they put into their workouts each day. However, any experienced coach also has those days or weeks when he swells up with pride and feels extremely grateful to be doing the job that is doing. His lifters give him that pride.
I’ve had one of those weeks this week. We are nearing the end of our 12 week cycle with our Olympic lifting class at Crossfit Deep. Over the last 12 weeks they have focused on hitting max effort lifts in differing complexes as well as maxing their lifts every three weeks. The squatting has been brutal and pushed max effort on a consistent basis. Finally, we are seeing the fruit of what they have worked so hard for throughout the past 12 weeks. Today we completed our testing for the back squat one rep max and saw multiple PRs. Some hit lifts that they have been chasing for the last year. The beginners class has finally made the transition from sosorta understanding what is going on with the lifts to being able to complete the full lifts from the ground with proficiency. I’m anxious to see them go through an advance cycle and see their numbers skyrocket. The advanced lifters I can tell are itching to max their lifts one more time. As we taper for max out day at the end of this cycle I think we are all anxious to see what numbers are going to be produced.
All that being said numbers are not the reason I found great pride in my lifters today. Hard work will always make a coach proud. This week and this cycle I have seen numerous lifter tough out what was a very challenging cycle for their mind as well as their body. Seeing these athletes stick it out, work hard, and endure to the end makes me a proud coach tonight. These kind of athletes make my job so awesome.
Eric Venegas 300# Backsquat PR!