Finally made it home from Seattle safe and sound.  There’s no feeling quite as good as being home after a long trip.
I wanted to take tonight to relay some perspective that I received while at camp this past weekend.  One of the campers and I had an awesome conversation about priorities and the desire for training combined with other slightly more important priorities.  The struggle is how to balance God-given talent and desire with the responsibility and joy of life’s other tasks.  Your occupation, family, kids, etc all are God-given blessings and gifts to be thankful for.  Talking with this camper was a good reality check for me that more often than not training should take the backseat.  My wife and (God-willing) my kids should come first.  If this cuts into my training time THEN PRAISE GOD that I have that problem as many don’t or can’t experience that struggle.  Growing and flourishing a healthy marriage the models Christ trumps my training.  Raising and discipling little men and women in the Lord trumps training.  Providing for and caring for my family by working hard trumps training.
None of that is to say that training is not important.  God desires for us to take care of our body and tells us it is a temple.  (1 Cor 19-20)  God wants us to be healthy.  He created us healthy and in His image.  However, there is a list of priorities and a line that must be drawn.  I am all about being REALLY REALLY good at what you put your mind to and REALLY REALLY good at your chosen sport.  Don’t hear that I am not trying with all I have to be good at weightlifting BUT I desire more to be REALLY REALLY good at being a husband, business owner, and one day a father.
Don’t let the season and the environment mix up your priorities.  Keep training important but in its place.