I wanted to re-post this review of the First Parabellum Camp this year in Denver.
The folks from WOD Authority put together a pretty cool and lengthy review of our first camp.  I was quoted to be “young and talented.”  I’m always the little brother.  Anyone have any ideas on how to expedite/create facial hair growth?
Overall, this review is a great look at what is different this year vs last years “Doomsday” camps.  I read this review and two things run through my head.  Gratitude to be working with such an awesome staff, gratitude to be at such an awesome gym for the camp, and gratitude for such awesome folks attending the camps.  Secondly, I read the review and amidst all the compliments I am not satisfied.  We can always be better.  And we will be.  Here’s the review:
Outlaw “Parabellum” Camp Review From WOD Authority