I want to give a mid-week shout out to a man I have had the pleasure of training with all summer.  He approached me at the beginning of the summer wanting to do some training before heading back to school this fall.
Background on Aaron:  He is a 6’7″ (not an exaggeration) pitcher for a collegiate program.  He wanted to train all summer and use the Olympic lifts to increase the control and speed (86mph) on his pitching.  He came to me weighing closer to 180 than 200 and backsquatting around 70kg. (We didn’t test but that’s my best guess)
Aaron put in the work all summer long.  Trained hard daily, did exactly as he was asked, and did it with intensity and purpose.  Aaron is trying to excel at pitching and anyone who trained around him could see his desire for excellence.  I want to give a shout-out to Aaron because tomorrow he heads back to school a completely different athlete. Coming in he had never snatched or done a full clean and jerk in his life.  The idea of a squat cycle was foreign to him and as far as he knew, that “Olympic lifting stuff” was bad for his shoulders.  Aaron trusted me as we eased him into some overhead work, worked his legs, core, and conditioning to death, and through that created a completely different athlete altogether.  Aaron leaves after 3 months of training weighing 200lbs, Backsquatting 125kg, Frontsquatting 105kg, Snatching 75kg, Clean and Jerking 90kg, and maxing his clean at 90kg.  To say the improvement has been drastic is a massive understatement.
I could not be more proud of Aaron’s work this summer and I know his presence on the mound will only now increase above his massive frame.  Aaron is a great example of how hard work, desire, and discipline creates great athletes.  Furthermore, he is one of the few active baseball players out there who knows the utility of the Olympic lifts for baseball IF they are programmed properly.
Good Luck Aaron.  90mph is yours for the taking.