There are a few people out there who I have some connection to that are not associated to my gym directly who have either been hitting some of my programming of I’ve had the pleasure to coach or both.  I wanted to give those folks a quick shoutout for their hardwork and their recent successes.
Some of these people work out by themselves or are coaches themselves and it takes quite a bit of dedication and perseverance to train with intensity each and everyday.  They take programming or coaching from a coach they don’t see everyday and trust the plan to be effective.  Those of us who get to train in front of our coach everyday and around our training partners everyday certainly take that for granted.  Here’s a look at some pretty awesome PR lifts and certainly some gratification for these lifters.
Jake Donahue 400# Backsquat PR
Qualifier for Jake.  He trains at Real Fitness Sarasota in Sarasota, FL with Mike Poppa.  He is a quiet, hard-working 20 yr old that plugs away at whatever work is put in front of him.  He has been working through a squat cycle I have designed and run all my beginners through.  The result in this video is a 65# lb lifetime PR @ 160lbs bodyweight!

Stephen Thompson 225# Snatch PR
I actually have not done all that much help for Stephen but I got the chance to help refine some of his lifts at a seminar and to be fair he had this PR coming even without me.  This is his 3rd attempt.  He missed the first one behind and the second one in front.  Having seen that happen too many times and the lifter make the 3rd one, I snagged this video.    Pretty good technique here at maximal level weights.

Patrick Curtis 420# Backsquat PR
After what has seemed like many months of fighting with our programming and banging his head against what seemed like a impenetrable  brick wall, Patrick finally saw some success.  Huge 40lb PR from our squat program here.