Again a little sketchy with the Wi-Fi here but here’s 3 spectacular videos from camp yesterday. The first is a view of the gym while doing their snatch position work. Absolutely perfect setup for a gym. CF Lappeenranta is really one of the more classic Crossfit setups I have ever seen.
CF Lappeenranta
The second video is two-parts. First is the full speed version of one of the snatches from yesterday. The second is a slow motion version of the same snatch. At first glance there is nothing special here. She jumps forward a bit and has to settle in the bottom. However, what you didn’t see were the snatches before this one. She made one of the more drastic improvements here of the entire camp.
Full SpeednSlow-Motion
Lastly this video needs no introduction. It’s simply titled:nBig Boy Jungle Gym