Tyminski Snatch Full Speed
Tyminski Snatch Analysis
You will notice in the video above Tyminski is incredibly powerful.  His power is what saves him here.  There is a understanding that floats around a lot of the weightlifting world that a influx of power or aggression while lifting can make up for a lack of technical proficiency.  You can see the reality of this idea in the full speed version of the lift.  However, a lack of technical proficiency can only get you so far and will limit your ability to use power to its greatest potential.
Power and aggression are key to weightlifting and can carry you a long way in the sport.  However, if we had put 20 more kg on the bar for Tyminski, it would not have been his power output that failed him.  His technique would have caused the missed lift.  There must be a fine balance of both technical proficiency and raw aggressive power.  Mastering both makes great lifters.