The State Meet Results from last weekend are almost posted live. When I took a look at the results I was stunned as I realized that our team did WAY better than I thought originally. Not only did we field 24 lifters out of a Crossfit gym, we took second place beating a TON of weightlifting gyms. Secondly, we now have 7 STATE RECORD HOLDERS on our team.
Chance Brewster, Christianne Edlund, Myself, Eric Venegas, Claude Rich, Adam Amorose, and Eric Girard all own the state records for their weight class and age group. Unbelievable and well beyond my expectations.
Furthermore, all those lifters have so much more in their tank. I fully expect them to break those records again next year.
The Texas Outlaw Olympic Lifting Camp starts tomorrow. Throughout the weekend you will be receiving updates on lectures, performances, and just cool happenings. The likes of Matt Hathcock, Ingrid Kantola, Natalie McClain, Sarabeth Phillips, Jeff Germond, and Michael Winchester will be joining us. This leaves me with the expectation for a weekend of awesomeness.
Lastly, if you have not read this… you should. Why Olympic Weightlifters make the best athletes and are virtually invincible.