First of all I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all the attendees at the Oregon Texas Outlaw Camp this weekend.  Eric and I commented that we knew from day 1 that we might see some significant improvements in this group.  They are all super mobile, explosive, and seem pretty focused on getting better.  We expected some improvement.  What we yesterday was way more than improvement.  It was a literal 180 degree transformation.  I have one video to show some improvement but to be honest (no offense Sam) he is far from the greatest example of that growth.  We saw people hit their hips for the first time and their face light up when the bar zipped overhead.  We saw people feel the bar move with ease because of the hamstring tension they had never felt before.  We saw folks land under the bar and stand up with ease because their bar moved up their body rather than away from it.  These attendees will see huge improvements in the weeks to come and I expect to hear about multiple PRs.
Sam Jay First Pull Snatch Comparison
On a different note I want to give a congrats to our teams that competed at the Anarchy in Oklahoma competition this weekend.  We put two teams in the competition and ended up with 2 top 5 finishes (3rd/5th).  I could not be more proud of our group who showed up and amidst a very different period of training managed to succeed.  We are smack in the middle of training high volume lifting and very little CF competition style conditioning pieces.  For them to do as well as they did is a testament to their hard work, effort, and desire to win.
In that same wavelength, one of our girls on the same plan (Lindsay Marshall) added as an individual last minute and took first place.  Lindsay is CRAZY strong and as of late has shifted her focus to her gymnastics weaknesses.  She is a great example of how far basic strength can take you.  Congrats Lindsay.  You deserve every bit of that first place medal.  Below is a video of her doing ME hang power clean reps @ 115# in 45 sec.  She looks like she is doing jumping jacks.
Lindsay Marshall Clean Jumping Jacks