One of the ways I motivate myself to fight through training sessions or get up to do a second training session later in the day is by watching videos of National and International level lifters.  Last night I found a video to add to my playlist.  Glenn Pendlay and MDUSA consistently posts videos of their daily training.  I am subscribed to their feed and enjoy watching many of their epic training sessions.
Today’s Strong Saturday post is a video in which two 77kg lifters go head to head in training.  American Open Champion James Tatum and 5th Place finisher and teammate Chris Gute got after it on max day.  I was secretly cheering for Tatum as his body type and lifts look a lot like mine.  He lost.  My bad man.
The reason I am highlighting this video is for three reasons:
1- 290 (Tatum) to 292 (Gute) is a heck of a battle to watch unfold
2- Holy Crap Gute improved his American Open total by 12KG!!!!
3- Both of these men are studs!
Watch every second of this.  It comes down to the final lift.
The Showdown
PS: For future Strong Saturday posts if you lift something big or know someone who does let me know.  Mention me on Twitter with hashtag #strongsaturday, I’d love more material.