I wanted to take today and highlight a lifter I’ve been working with recently.  Patrick, a fellow 69kg lifter, is 6 weeks deep into his Olympic lifting program and smashed a clean and jerk PR this week.  He had cleaned 300# before and jerked 300# from the rack before but has never managed to string them both together.  While the lift leaves a little to be desired technically (and potentially some white lights) I think what is most impressive is the ease with which he cleans this weight.
Notice how Patrick hits the bottom of his front squat with a perfectly vertical torso, rebounds out of the bottom of the squat, and stands with ease.  This is the model for what happens when you train the squat with the lifts in mind.
Check these two videos out as I analyze the full lift.
Great work Patrick!
Patrick Curtis 300# CJ
Patrick Curtis 300# CJ Analysis