Team dynamics are some of the greatest motivators for individual success in sports.  Venus and Serena Williams in competition against each other drove them to the top.  Peyton and Eli.  Lebron and Dwayne Wade.  Each of these examples show how one teammate or training partner, though they love and support each other, never wants to be outdone.  In the weightlifting world look at what the combo of Akaev and Klokov did for the 105 kg weight class.  Team dynamics create healthy team rivalry which in turn creates results.
In our gym last week Christianne Edlund smoked a 210# Jerk to take the top spot on our leaderboard from Lindsay Marshall.  As I was preparing to squat this morning, Lindsay walked in, looked at the board then turned and looked at me to say “I’m beating that today.”  My response was simple, “You won’t!”  Lindsay and Christianne are good friends who love and admire each other.  That doesn’t however change the fact that both want to be the best.
Lindsay Marshall: 220# Jerk
Lindsay Marshall: 230# Jerk just to make sure CA can’t take the spot without having to work for it!