Gym for Lifting Seminar
The Friday night lifting session is complete for the first ever Texas outlaw Olympic Weightlifting Seminar.  This Friday workout was put into the schedule for the sole purpose of seeing the type of athlete we are working with. The coaching staff and myself unanimously agree we are working with a lot of advanced athletes who can move very well, are very explosive, and seem to be full of talent. This fact even has Rudy jealous… He literally is contemplating buying a plane ticket. Seriously a plane ticket just to come watch.
However despite their obvious athleticism there is a disconnect between what they want the bar to do in the snatch and  clean and what it actually does.  Its like watching a track star try to play hockey.  They know what is supposed to happen and have all the ability to make it happen but they just don’t know how to make it happen.
We are excited to work with a group of athletes who know how to move their body. Mainly because this means we tell them what they should be doing and what their body should be feeling and they will have the ability to make it happen. Honestly most of the need some simple cues and a basic understanding of what it’s supposed to be happening during the lifts.  They’re smart enough, athletic enough, and ultimately capable of being very good at the Olympic lifts. The challenge this weekend will be to teach them what they should be doing at what point during the lifts in order to give them the capability to produce that under maximal effort.
I am going to try to relay some of the lectures and teaching topics from this weekend to the blog.  Hopefully I will get to post some clips from the lectures and some videos of transformations in athlete movement. There are some incredible lifters and incredible Crossfitters here and with any luck we’ll get to see some obvious changes in their lifts.
Let the fun begin…
Here’s three videos of what we will obviously be addressing first thing tomorrow morning..first pull anyone?
Texas Outlaw Lifting Session Day 1
Texas Outlaw Lifting Session Day 1
Texas Outlaw Lifting Session Day 1