20130116-225047.jpgnSo the Texas State Weightlifting Championships are getting much bigger and grander than we expected. With just under 170 lifters competing, this meet will be the biggest in Texas’ history by a margin of more than 50 people. All ages represented from 9 all the way up to 72. nSome updates have come here recently that I wanted to share with each of you. Will be live streaming the event you can find that link. This schedule is also located here and every second is worth watching. Our particular gym is bringing 24 lifters and are planning to contend for the Texas State Title as a team. If you live in or near Dallas, this is an event you don’t want to miss, make some time to come check this out. If you’re not blessed to live close to the state then you will not be let down by watching the livestream and live scoreboard. nLots of National and even International level lifters will be competing, as well as some current and previous American record holders. If you have time check it out it I promise it will be worth your while.
I will be updating my blog and my Twitter feed throughout the meet and hoping that active tweeting helps me cut the extra kilos I need to lose.

On a completely separate note, I don’t care where you stand on Gun Contro,l don’t insult the South and our “culture.”nThis dude needs to be careful where he takes vacation. If it’s south of the Mason Dixon line there could be trouble.