Well since there isn’t a game worth watching on TV let’s talk backsquat.  Seriously this game is like watching the JV play the Varsity.
For many years Olympic lifters and Strength and Conditioning coaches have debated the benefit of the back squat.  Many of our best National and International coaches debate the usefulness of this lift based on its ability to translate to the Clean.  Most Olympic lifting coaches recognize that a low bar back squat is useless for almost every aspect of the Olympic lifts.  However, the high bar back squat can be used well to benefit the clean when performed properly.
What is most important for the high bar back squat is the vertical torso.  If the HBBS is done to perfection, then your torso angle would mimic that of your clean.  Notice similarity in torso angle for Aimee’s HBBS and Clean below:
hbbs FS
Don’t get me wrong the Low-Bar Back Squat has its benefits.  However, it doesn’t have enough benefit for the Olympic lifts to make a regular practice of.
Many training programs on the other hand negate the need for the back squat at all.  In the Bulgarian training program titled “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands,” Ivan Abadjiev negates the need for Back Squat at all.  Abadjiev in all his genius doesn’t want to back squat because he would rather load the legs with front squatting.
What I’ve noticed is there is not a LACK of opinions out there on the Back Squat.  Ultimately, I land somewhere in the middle.  I am not a fan of the low-bar back squat because of it does not transfer to the clean well.  On the other hand, I am a fan of the High-Bar Back Squat if it is done properly.  The benefits are too great to ignore.  A lifter can overload his legs with more weight than the front squat allowing for greater strength gain.  A lifter can work their legs without placing the stress on the midline and upper back that the front squat applies.  Lastly, the HBBS just looks awesome.
You decide, there are a lot of reasons to support any position.
One position that cannot be debated.  SEC > everyone else.  Another year of proof.