“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”n~ Ephesians 2:10
This morning I was reading Exodus 25 as part of my daily reading, and in case you haven’t read that section of scripture before it’s a little different. That chapter begins in the section of Exodus where God details all the parts and pieces for the tabernacle for the traveling Israelites. The tabernacle, a moveable place of worship and place for God’s presence, was intricately designed and constructed to the exact specifications set down by God. When I say great detail, what I mean is that the detail is so great that this is typically a hard passage of Scripture for me to read with intention. Moses details its construction with lots of measurements and specific types of metal used as well as very intricate colors and fabric types.
This morning, however I was struck by how great detail God put into creating this tabernacle. Its detail is a mark of our God’s creative nature and also His attention to detail. What was impressed upon my heart is the truth that if God gives this much detail to the tabernacle, how much more was He intimately involved with the details of who I am? Maybe I am more astutely aware of how much control God has over the creation process because Megan is 7 weeks from birth, but God’s investment in the tabernacle’s details wows me to think of how much investment He put into my creation.
Scripture reminds me that God knows me in the womb and created every aspect of who I am. This truth creates true value. My value is not measured by how much I lift or how well I coach or anything else besides the value given to me by my Creator. Fortunately, that value is great but it is solely wrapped up in Him. I am valuable enough that God would be intimately involved in creating me down to my very microcosms and send His Son to die for my soul. That truth reminds me that no matter what I do in this life and the accolades or disgraces I receive, my value far exceeds what the world offers. My value is massive because of the Lord’s work to create and redeem me.
This truth both helps me to find my identity and pride in Him. It also reminds me that who I am and what I do was because of what He has done. I was created to do what I am doing and was made with all that I have by the Lord. He gives me value and as such He deserves the glory.