Day 2 completed and as you will see in the video below the athletes who have attended the camp have really begun to see the necessity for hamstring tension and constantly being engaged with the bar. One of the hardest elements of the snatch and clean, especially for athletic, quick lifters, is staying over the bar and under tension for an extended period of time. Athletic lifters have a propensity to get behind the bar too fast and want to use their athleticism at the hip before having built proper hamstring tension through the first pull. You will see in the videos below that we were constantly harping on this in the camp and the folks who are attending are beginning to see that work in their lifts.
I expect these athletes will be able to apply these ideas to the clean pretty easily despite what will likely be very sore and tender hamstrings.
Constant Tension is the key to consistent lifting.
TX Outlaw Camp Day 2