Currently I am on the road to the beach.  Starting tomorrow the blogs through Wednesday will be some examples of different snatch, clean, jerk, one backsquat errors.  I will be showing 2 videos each day of different problems and bad habits.  What you will notice in the breadth of the videos are common errors across all of the athletes.
I hope yall enjoy those.  I know a lot of you sent me videos and to be honest I did not look at all of them.  (There were 376)  The ones I showed are either personal clients of mine or videos that showed specific errors I wanted to highlight.  I hope these are helpful.
If you have questions etc feel free to comment on the blog but I doubt that I will get to them before Wednesday.  I plan to spend the week unplugged from my phone and unplugged from my computer if I can make it that long.  There is a HUGE benefit to unplugging from blogs, social media, and communication for a set amount of time.  With how connected we are today I honestly can’t wait to be disconnected for a little bit.
Enjoy.  I hope these are beneficial.