So in case many of you haven’t noticed, I have been on a little bit of a warmup kick recently.  Specifically how you should warmup, what should be included in your warmup and its functionality.
Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in the usefulness of a good warmup but I am strongly opposed to the over-emphasis of warming up.  That’s why I use my version of the snatch warmup and anything else is minimal and specific to how I feel that day.
A LONG LONG time ago I read an article from Greg Everett titled “Our Warmup is a Warmup” that started my obsession with proper warmup and its functionality.  Now, stemming from that article (which I can no longer find) I try to hammer home that idea that how your warmup will impact how your work for that day so warmup well.  My big slogan is, warmup like your work so you can work like you warmup.  Think about how many reps you complete in a good warmup each day.  Mine has 40 if you do it with 5 reps per movement.  That means if I complete the warmup twice then I have the chance to work on the technical side of my lifts with 80 perfect movements.  That likely 4x the amount of lifts I would complete for that day.  Warmup is crucial and sometimes I feel like I’m beating a dead horse.
However, today I was validated by another awesome article from Greg Everett.  Take a gander if you don’t want to take my word for how your should warmup.
Lift Before You Lift